Use cases

If you’re a brand that’s building a custom knowledge solution of any kind, you can take the content that you’ve ingested into KnowledgeAI™ and use and report on it within your custom solution.

Use the KnowledgeAI external APIs to retrieve and display answers to queries. And for your business stakeholders, use them to show important metrics and usage trends.

Overall, the APIs empower you to create different kinds of conversational experiences in your own web site or application, i.e., outside of LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud.

Before you begin


  • A permanent token provided by LivePerson. Contact your LivePerson representative to obtain this.
  • Your account (brand) ID in Conversational Cloud

To integrate a second brand account using these APIs, you must obtain a different permanent token. Each token is valid for only one account.

Getting started

Here are a few things you’ll need to get started with these APIs:

  1. Retrieve your domain based on your region:

    Environment Domain
    North America
  2. Review the API terms of use.


To get the access token for the KnowledgeAI APIs

  1. Log in.
  2. Invoke SSO authentication.


Log in using your Conversational Cloud account (brand) ID and user credentials.

  • Endpoint: https://{{domain-apigeeProxy}}/auth/v1/accounts/{{accountId}}/login?v=1.3
  • HTTP method: Post
  • Request body:
   "username": "",
   "password": ""
Header name Value Required
x-api-key API key Yes
channel-name Channel name Yes
Content-Type application/json Yes

Note the bearer token in the response. Other fields in the response payload can be ignored.

SSO authentication

Invoke SSO authentication with the Bearer token that you generated in step 1 to retrieve the API access token. You can then use the API access token and the Apigee API key to authenticate to the KnowledgeAI APIs.

  • Endpoint: https://{{domain-apigeeProxy}}/cb/auth/v1/sso/authenticate
  • HTTP method: Get
Header name Value Required
x-api-key API key Yes
channel-name Channel name Yes
Authorization Bearer {{bearer token}} Yes

Note the apiAccessToken in the response. You can ignore the other fields in the response payload.


If you encounter issues when using these APIs, please contact your LivePerson account representative. If the API is returning an error, include mention of the following:

  • The error code in the response
  • The correlationId in the response header

These two pieces of information will help us to identify and resolve your issue.