Connection Establishment

From lp-shell:

wscat -k 60 -H "Authorization:jwt $LP_JWT" -c "wss://$LP_ASYNCMESSAGINGENT/ws_api/account/$LP_ACCOUNT/messaging/consumer?v=3"

Client properties can be added to the connection URL as query params. The full list of supported client properties can be found here.

Where LP_JWT is your token.

Interaction Commands

You can use the message builder to build and explore the structure of the API messages. The following table summarizes the API messages and provides some examples .

Category Name Request Response Notifications
Message Builder
Conversations RequestConversation N/A
Close, update CSAT, TTR,
Conversation Metadata SubscribeExConversations
UnsubscribeExConversations N/A
Messages PublishEvent
Send text, read/accept and presence events.
Browser Connection InitConnection N/A

Agent Public Profile

curl https://$LP_ACCDNDOMAIN/api/account/$LP_ACCOUNT/configuration/le-users/users/$LP_AGENT_PID

Other APIs