The SDK is a lightweight, client-side code package for communicating with the Conversational Cloud Engagement Window. Using this SDK, brands can add their own custom widgets to the Engagement Window, making it possible to integrate external web applications as well as widening the scope of communication between their agents and customers.

Getting Started

Once an application is developed, follow these two steps in order to integrate it into the window SDK:

  1. Reference the Client SDK file.

  2. After developing the webapp integration, contact the LivePerson Technical Solutions Team to configure the widget over the "LP Unified Window" taglet.

In the near future, Widget configuration will be available directly via Conversational Cloud.

  1. Note the API terms of use.

Use Cases

  • Add HTML alongside the chat conversation to display to the customer at timely moments. For example, show special offers while customer is waiting for agent to answer

  • Add social media plugins alongside the conversation. Encourage consumers to join your social media as they are interacting with you

  • Send videos during chat such as tutorials or product videos

  • Connect to video chat (agent widget SDK also needed)

Main capabilities of this SDK include:

  • Obtain/bind/unbind any data that can be found within the public model, end commands/notifications to the engagement window, such as a 'Widget Disposal’ command, which signals to the Engagement Window to immediately close the widget.

  • Allow external applications to communicate and integrate with Conversational Cloud.

  • Send updates on parameters, as requested from the application (Notifications/Commands) to the Engagement window.

  • Diversify the chat experience through rich media and web app integrations in a dedicated widget.

  • Streamline session and participant data, based upon which brands are able to provide content custom tailored to the visitor.