The bot status dashboard provides a detailed overview for the most important bot KPIs. It features a chronological history of different bot state events, such as online time and interruptions. The dashboard also provides a calculated uptime for the bot.

To track the efficiency of the bot, the dashboard features an overview for the number of handled conversations over time.

The dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the bot's name.

Figure 1.1 How to access the bot status dashboard


If the bot is restarted, all previous dashboard data will be cleared.

For a running bot, conversation data is limited to a maximum of 7 days of past data.

Dashboard Views

The user will see the following screen after clicking on the bot's name.

Figure 2.1 Dashboard Main View

In Section 1 of Figure 2.1, the dashboard provides a short configuration overview for the selected bot. The user can see the following:

  • connection type to Conversational Cloud (either Chat or Messaging)
  • failover skill
  • the profile the bot user has been assigned to
  • configured A.I. Vendor
  • skills which are assigned to the bot


In section 2 of Figure 2.1, the dashboard provides a chronological history of bot state events and an overview of the bot's overall uptime.

In section 2 of Figure 2.1 the user can see the overall calculated uptime, the bot's start time and online runtime.

In section 3 of Figure 2.1 the user can see different bot states events. The bot can have 4 different states: Online, Vendor Interruption, Service Interruption, and Offline.

The Vendor Interruption state indicates that there is an error reaching the configured AI vendor. In this case the bot will escalate each conversation to the configured failover skill.

In case of a Service Interruption, the bot is not functioning at all. In this state the bot cannot accept new conversations or handle existing conversations. This state indicates problems with Liveperson APIs.

Each interruption state event provides a specific error code which can be copied by clicking on the "Copy error details" link as seen in section 3 of Figure 3.1.

The error details contain a human readable error message, the error code and an unique error id, which will help support in identifying the root cause of the error.

Conversation Metrics

When selecting the Conversation Metrics tab the bot status dashboard provides an overview of specific bot conversation metrics.

Figure 3.1 Bot conversation metrics

On the left side, in section 1 of Figure 3.1, the user can see the accumulated metrics since the last start. There are currently 4 KPIs:

Metric Description
Total Conversations Total number of conversations that were handled by the bot
Closed Conversations Percentage of total conversations that were closed by the bot or the consumer
Transferred Conversations Percentage of total conversations that were transferred to a different skill
Escalated Conversations Percentage of total conversations that were escalated due to an error with the bot

On The right side, in section 2 of Figure 3.1, the user can see a timeline representation of the conversation metrics. The user can select between various time scales, the smallest is last ten minutes and the biggest is last week.