This method retrieves a list of conversations that the consumer participated in.


Method URL
POST https://{domain}/messaging_history/api/account/{accountID}/conversations/consumer/search

BODY/POST Parameters

Filter is sent in the POST data (body) with the following JSON structure.

Name Description Type/Value Required Notes
consumer ID of the consumer to search. string Required the consumerId is the same as the participantId in the consumerParticipants section (it is an LP unique identification of the consumer)
status Latest status of the conversation. Array Required Valid values: "OPEN", " or "CLOSE"
contentToRetrieve List of content types that should be retrieved alphanumeric Optional Valid values: campaign, messageRecords, agentParticipants, agentParticipantsLeave, agentParticipantsActive, consumerParticipants, transfers, interactions, messageScores, messageStatuses, conversationSurveys, coBrowseSessions, summary, sdes, unAuthSdes, monitoring, responseTime


See Response in the Conversations method.