Listed below are attributes that have been deprecated. These keys should no longer be used as LPConfig files, but rather as Localized strings keys. The names of these keys in the Localization files remain the same as in the LPConfig files.

In order to configure different string for this key, see String localization in SDK.

By default, these keys are configured with Localization keys values, and are sensitive to any language changes. These values must be reconfigured each time a language is changed.

Attribute name Type Description Replacement
customButtonDescription string Accessibility voiceover string for the custom button. Use customButtonAccessibilityDescription key in Localization languages files.
readReceiptTextDistributed string Text for distributed indication. Use readReceiptTextDistributed key in Localization languages files.
csatResolutionFeedbackText string Text for the feedback label. Use csatResolutionFeedbackText key in Localization languages files.
csatResolutionQuestionText string Text for the resolution confirmation question. Use csatResolutionQuestionText key in Localization languages files.
readReceiptTextSent string Text for sent indication. Use readReceiptTextSent key in Localization languages files.
readReceiptTextRead string Text for read indication. Use readReceiptTextRead key in Localization languages files.
readReceiptTextSending string Text for sending indication. Use readReceiptTextSending key in Localization languages files.
sendButtonDisabledTextColor UIColor Send button color in disabled mode in the conversation screen. Use sendButtonDisabledColor.
sendButtonEnabledTextColor UIColor Send button color in enabled mode in the conversation screen Use sendButtonEnabledColor.
editTextUnderlineColor UIColor User text underline color Underline is not used anymore. To change background color of TextView container use inputTextViewContainerBackgroundColor.
maxPreviousConversationsToPresent UInt Number of conversations to show. Configuration has been remove, this property is now part of the Control History API via the historyConversationsMaxDays parameter.