General limitations

  • A rich card can contain any or all of the supported elements: image, title, subtitle, buttons. However, it must contain at least an image or title to be valid.

Element limitations

  • Cards have a maximum of 7 elements. This includes the image, title, subtitle, and then buttons.
  • Carousels have a maximum of 10 scrollable cards

Character limitations

  • Button text can contain up to 25 characters
  • Viber has a character limit of 250 characters for the title and subtitle


  • Fonts can’t be configured - default Viber font will be used


  • Viber Card Images sizes - - It is recommend that you provide the highest resolution for the image without going over the 500kb limit. Images are the set to fit the container
    • Only JPG and PNG are supported

Error conditions

  • Agent or bot will receive an error when trying to send Viber Structured Content elements with the following character limitations:
    • If button text exceeds 25 characters
    • If structured content map element is applied