General limitations

  • Line does not guarantee message order and some message types might take longer to send than others. Therefore a small timeout is recommended when sending multiple successive messages.

Element limitations

  • Carousel Template cards have a maximum of 3 buttons
  • Card Template have a maximum of 4 buttons
  • Carousels have a maximum of 10 scrollable cards
  • Quick replies have a maximun of 13 chips

Character limitations

  • Title has a max of 40 characters
  • Subtitle:
    • Without image and title — subtitle can be up to 160 chars
    • With image and title — subtitle can be up to 60 chars

Styling limitations

  • Fonts, font colors or background color can’t be configured — default LINE font and colors will be used

Image limitations

  • Image URL has a limit of 1000 characters.
  • Image URL must be HTTPS
  • File type can only be JPEG or PNG
  • Image max width: 1024px
  • Max size - 1MB

Error conditions

  • An agent or bot will receive an error when trying to send LINE Structured Content elements with the following character limitations:
    • If title text exceeds 40 characters, or subtitle with image exceeds 60, or if subtitle without image exceeds 160
    • If structured content Map element is applied