This method returns the rule-results of engagements configured in Engagement Controller for an account-id. The rule-result indicates the engagement status (true/false) based on engagement rules configured in Engagement Controller. If an engagement is have 'true' status it will be displayed to a new visitor, if it has 'false' status it would not be displayed.


  1. The Engagement Controller API is currently not available by default, in order to enable the data flow for this API please contact your account manager.

  2. This method will only return a result, as long as there is enough data for engagement rules to operate and produce results.

  3. This API returns near real time data, based on your current capacity.

  4. This API should not be called more than every 10 seconds per account.

Retrieving Engagement Controller Rule-Result Data by Account

Method URL
GET https://{domain}/api/ec-rule-result/account/{accountID}?v=

URL Parameters

Name Description Type Value Required
v version of API e.g. v=1 numeric default: 1  

Path Parameters

Parameter Description Type
accountID LivePerson account ID string

Response Body

This is an example response which contains information for two engagement rule-results.

      "data": [
          "engagementId": 1234567890,
          "engagementState": true,
          "ruleEvalTime": 1690213242522
          "engagementId": 1234567891,
          "engagementState": true,
          "ruleEvalTime": 1690213227373

Elements in the Response

Name Description Type / Value
data A list that contains elements which represent engagement rule results' data. element
engagementId The engagement Id. long
engagementState Engagement state represent the current status of an engagement evaluated by engagement rule. boolean
ruleEvalTime The time in UTC timestamp when the engagement rule result was evaluated. long

Possible Response Codes

Code Response
200 OK — Successfully retrieved the data
400 Bad request — Problem with body or query parameters
401 Unauthorized — Bad Authentication
403 Forbidden — Bad Authorization (invalid permissions)
500 Internal Server Error — Please try again after some time