Note: This document is subject to change without notice.

This sample demonstrates the usage of the messaging API from browser JavaScript code.


  • LivePerson account enabled with two features: Async_Messaging and Authenticated_Chat. If you are not sure that your account is enabled with these two features, please contact LivePerson Support (use the chat on this page, or message Support).

Step 1 — Wire the sample to your account.

Open the following codepen page

See the Pen UMS js example by liveperson (@liveperson) on CodePen.

Type in your account ID in the account textbox.

Step 2 — Create a conversation

In the rendered page area, click the connect button. While the send button is enabled, type a message in the text area and click the send button.

You can disconnect and connect again and see the existing transcript.

Step 3 — Agent login

Log in as an agent. Accept the incoming conversation, and then you will be joined to the conversation. You can close the conversation, and the consumer in the JavaScript window will be notified.

Further Details

You can fork the codepen and make changes in the code.

The sample code uses sample library that handles the network layer. The sample library can be found here.