Please note that this SDK relates to LivePersons legacy chat product which receives limited support and will be deprecated in the future.

It is recommended to build future integrations on top of the corresponding messaging SDK instead.

Executes engagements eligibility and availability check. This method exposes the ability to start a visitor session, add SDEs to the session, and reports events that happened on the application on the consumer side. It should be used only in in an 'unmonitored flow' (non tagged pages). Getting engagement details from the server might require few attempts until it becomes available so it's recommended to create a retry mechanism as a callback to the onEngagement (here is an example).


Request Object Parameters

Value Description Type Required Notes
appType External system type string Optional Validation error: 400
Supported Values: EXTERNAL
appDetails Optional JSON format with the following fields: Type, Platform, Name, Version, Client timestamp string (JSON structure) Optional The main purpose is for troubleshooting and visibility of the consumer SDK / app version that manages the communication with the server side.
appDetails.appVersion The application version, for example in case of mobile it will be the host app version string Optional  
appDetails.deviceFamily Example: personal_computer/tablet/mobile_phone string Optional Supported values: DESKTOP, TABLET, MOBILE
appDetails.ipAddress IP address (V4) string (IP format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) optional Validation: real IP address (IPv6 or IPv4)
appDetails.os Contains the operating system, including version info string Optional Supported values: WINDOWS, MAC_OSX, LINUX, IOS, ANDROID
appDetails.osVersion The OS version, for example in case of Android it can be 2.4 string Optional  
consumerSections List of locations in the external system relevant for the engagement comma delimited list of strings Optional  
engagementAttributes Array of engagement attributes (SDEs) string Optional Supported Values: all SDEs except for the type of ImpressionEvent (java version inherited from ImpressionEventBase).
vid Visitor ID string Optional (Required on second request) Validation fail error code: 401
sid Session ID   Optional (Required on second request) If session doesn't exist, a new session will be generated and sent by the server
Validation fail error code: 401


    "appType": "EXTERNAL",
    "vid": "123",
    "sid": "456",
    "appDetails": {
        "os": "MAC_OSX",
        "osVersion": "1.2",
        "appVersion": "1.0",
        "deviceFamily": "MOBILE",
        "ipAddress": ""
    "consumerSections": [
    "engagementAttributes": [
            "type": "personal",
            "personal": {
                "contacts": [{"email": "", "phone": "12345678"}, {"email": "", "phone": "98765430"}],
                "age": {
                    "age": 30.0,
                    "year": 1985,
                    "month": 7,
                    "day": 22
                "firstname": "test",
                "lastname": "test2",
                "gender": "FEMALE",
                "company": "liveperson"


Response entity example

Engagement is available:

    "status": "Available",
    "sessionId": "abc",
    "visitorId": "xyz",
    "pageId": "4743822558",
    "engagementDetails": {
        "campaignId": "3346848610",
        "engagementId": "3562981110",
        "contextId": "1",
        "windowId": "3346847910",
        "language": "en-US",
        "engagementRevision": 44,
        "validForSeconds": 900,
        "skillId": 23,
        "skillName": "TestSkill"

Engagement is not available:

    "status" : "NotAvailable",
    "sessionId": "abc",
    "visitorId": "xyz",
    "pageId" : "4743822558"

Response object gets transferred as parameter to onEngagement callback.