The ability to analyze and track key performance indicators by intent is a key value proposition of the intent-powered business. Intent Manager includes intent-correlated metrics on the Intent Trends dashboard. These metrics give you a high-level view of which intents are happening in your contact center.

The Intent Trends dashboard of intent-correlated metrics

The metrics are aligned with the LivePerson 4E Framework and include the following:

Metric Description 4E Category
MCS The Meaningful Conversation Score for a conversation is an automatic, unbiased method to measure the relationship between consumers and brands Emotion
CSAT CSAT score is the average of scaled responses to a post- conversation survey question that asks a customer to rate their satisfaction Emotion
Avg. Duration The average duration of a conversation Efficiency
NPS The Net Promoter Score associated with a conversation Emotion
% of fully automated conversations Conversations with intents that were fully automated (no agent assignments) Effectiveness
% of partially automated conversations Conversations with intents that had both a bot and an agent (TANGO) Effectiveness / Efficiency
% of agent only conversations Conversations with intents that had only Human Agent assignments Effectiveness / Efficiency
Avg # of transfers The average number of transfers in a conversation by Intent Efficiency
Average # of consumer messages The average number of consumer messages sent in a conversation Effort
Avg # of Agent/Bot responses The average number responses sent by agents or bots to the consumer in a conversation Efficiency
RCR (coming soon) The number of repeat customer contacts pers intent Effectiveness

Settings page

The configuration panel below lets you select which metrics to include in summary cards, charts and graphs, and data tables in the Intent Trends dashboard. By clicking the gear icon in the top right corner, you can configure which metrics show where. This lets you remove empty/ extraneous information and tune the Intent Trends dashboard for use with specific personas and use cases.

Configuration options for the Intent Trends dashboard