What are Enrichment prompts and No Article Match prompts?

These types of prompts are used in KnowledgeAI integrations in Conversation Assist and in Conversation Builder messaging bots and voice bots.

Learn about Enrichment prompts.

Learn about No Article Match prompts.

How do I integrate a prompt into my Generative AI solution?

Learn about offering answers enriched via Generative AI to agents. (Conversation Assist)

Learn about automating answers enriched via Generative AI to consumers. (Conversation Builder)

Is there a character limit for prompts?

Yes, there is. Learn about the character size limit.

How does LivePerson notify brands of changes regarding prompt templates and default prompts?

Regularly review the release notes in our Knowledge Center for info on changes in these areas.

Can I delete prompts?

Currently, deleting a prompt isn’t supported, but stay tuned for changes in this area. As a workaround, prepend the prefix “DON’T USE - ,” “DEPRECATED - ” or something similar to the prompt name of any deprecated prompt.