This method retrieves a conversation according to the given conversation ID.


Method URL
POST https://{domain}/messaging_history/api/account/{accountID}/conversations/conversation/search

URL parameters

Name Description Type/Value Required Notes
source Used to describe the originator of the call. The source name should be unique for every project or process within the organization String Required The source name should not exceed 20 characters. Please follow the format of ProjectName+AppName+UseCase. Example: LP_AgentUI_History

BODY/POST parameters

Filter is sent in the POST data (body) with the following JSON structure.

Name Description Type/Value Required Notes
conversationId ID of the conversation to search string Optional (conditional) Optional if “conversationIds” was provided
conversationIds List of conversation Ids (Limited to 100 conversations) string Optional (conditional) Optional if “conversationId” was provided
contentToRetrieve List of content types that should be retrieved string Optional Valid values: campaign, messageRecords, agentParticipants, agentParticipantsLeave, agentParticipantsActive, consumerParticipants, transfers, interactions, messageScores, messageStatuses, conversationSurveys, coBrowseSessions, summary, sdes, unAuthSdes, monitoring, dialogs, responseTime, skillChanges, intents, uniqueIntents, latestAgentSurvey, previouslySubmittedAgentSurveys


See Response in the Conversations method.