This method retrieves a conversation according to the given conversation ID.


Method URL
POST https://{domain}/messaging_history/api/account/{accountID}/conversations/conversation/search

URL Parameters

Name Description Type/Value Required Notes
source Used to describe the originator of the call. The source name should be unique for every project/process within the organization. String Required The source name should not exceed 20 characters. Please follow the format of ProjectName+AppName+UseCase. Example: LP_AgentUI_History

BODY/POST Parameters

Filter is sent in the POST data (body) with the following JSON structure.

Name Description Type/Value Required Notes
conversationId ID of the conversation to search. string Required  
contentToRetrieve List of content types that should be retrieved string Optional Valid values: campaign, messageRecords, agentParticipants, agentParticipantsLeave, agentParticipantsActive, consumerParticipants, transfers, interactions, messageScores, messageStatuses, conversationSurveys, coBrowseSessions, summary, sdes, unAuthSdes, monitoring, dialogs, responseTime, skillChanges, intents, uniqueIntents, latestAgentSurvey, previouslySubmittedAgentSurveys


See Response in the Conversations method.