Below you'll find a full description of each section of the documentation. This overview will help you better understand what our documentation and APIs can help you do on top of the Conversational Cloud Open Platform. However, if you already have a project in mind and would simply like to start building, we've included a list of common use cases and documents that are a good entry point to start from. If you can't find the project you had in mind, please read the full description of the different sections below or reach out to Dev Support (other contact options: chat with us on this page, or message Support) for more guidance.

  • Integrating Conversational Cloud with your Native App: Simply refer to our Mobile App Messaging SDKs, for iOS or for Android. These include everything you need to know in order to integrate Conversational Cloud with mobile applications.

  • Customizing Conversational Cloud Reporting or Creating New Reports: This use case would involve working with our Data APIs, specifically our Data Access API. It would also require developing some sort of UI if you'd like to display these reports.

  • Building or Integrating a New Workspace Widget: Conversational Cloud gives you the ability to add third party service widgets into the agent workspace for quick reference. For example, you could add your CRM to the agent workspace, allowing your agents to submit or update leads right from Conversational Cloud. To achieve this, please refer to the Agent Workspace Widget SDK.

  • Looking for more use cases? Check out the Major Flows document, a part of this Getting Started guide, for more detailed examples of how to use our APIs to build on top of our Open Platform.