Latest Android Messaging SDK version - 3.7.0

This is the latest version of the Android Messaging SDK release notes. If you want to view all release notes for previous versions, see All Android Messaging SDK Release Notes.

Environmental Requirements

Android Mobile App SDK v3.7.0 requires the minimum Android API version 19, SDK is compiled against API 26 and targeted API is 27.

Bug Fixes

  • Android SDK crashed with ClassCastException.

  • Client Masking Ignored when Logged out from Authenticated conversation and Logged back in as UnAuthenticated user.

  • Conversation bubble is empty if the agent sends empty structured content.

  • TalkBack was reading hidden conversation content behind a Secure Form.

  • Secure Form was not announced to the consumer in TalkBack.

  • TalkBack did not announce out of view contents from Structured Content.

  • CSAT question sent via PCS was not visible in the LiveEngage UI conversation info widget.

  • Android SDK crashed with IllegalArgumentException.

  • Android SDK failed while trying to send an image via photo sharing.

  • Android KitKat did not support TLSv1.2.

  • TalkBack did not announce all elements in Secure Form upon arrival.