Logout from the SDK — when all user data should be removed.

Calls unregisterLPPusher, shutDown and, in addition, deletes all user data (messages and user details) from the device.

In order to unregister from push, it must be called when there is network available. After logout the SDK is unavailable until re-initiated.

This method does not require the SDK to be initialized.

Note: This does not end the current messaging conversation.

Important: This method must not be called when the conversation screen is displayed.

public static void logOut(Context context, String brandId, String appId, LogoutLivePersonCallback logoutCallback){

Parameter Description
context A context from the host app.
brandId An account ID.
appId The host app ID.
logoutCallback An LogoutLivePersonCallback implementation.


public interface LogoutLivePersonCallback{
    void onLogoutSucceed();
    void onLogoutFailed();