Android Messaging SDK — Version 2.9

These are the main feature releases available in the Mobile App Messaging SDK version 2.9 for Android.

Version 2.9 planned roll-out: November 12th 2017

Please note the documentation on version-specific system requirements (PDF).

New functionalities

Oreo Support — Android API Level Support Update

Type: Developer Experience Feature

Available to all customers? Yes

The Mobile App Messaging SDK v2.9 was built and certified within the host app on Android API level 26.

The Mobile App Messaging SDK should remain on Android API level 25, while the host app may use Android API level 26.


The SDK Android API level should remain on level 25. Please do not change SDK Android API level to 26; support for this level 26 will be provided in 2018.

New parameters

Branding and Configuration Parameters

Type: Parameters

Available to all customers? Yes

The Mobile App Messaging SDK v2.9 exposes additional branding configuration parameters.

New parameters may control text, padding of conversation UI elements and more.

Parameter name and default value Description Image
<color name="lp_header_background_color">@android:color/white (#FFFFFF) Day/date sticky header background color. androidheaderbackground
<color name="lp_header_text_color">@color/lp_dark_gray_1 (#46474a) Day/date sticky header text color. androidtextcolor
<color name="lp_textColorSecondary">@android:color/black (#000000) Color of menu button and back arrow on toolbar (Activity Mode). lp_textColorSecondary
<dimen name="brand_bubble_padding_bottom">8dp Brand welcome message bubble (brand) bottom spacing. androidpaddingbottom
<dimen name="brand_bubble_padding_left">8dp Brand welcome message bubble (brand) left spacing. androidpaddingleft
<dimen name="brand_bubble_padding_right">8dp Brand welcome message bubble (brand) right spacing. androidpaddingright
<dimen name="brand_bubble_padding_top">8dp Brand welcome message bubble (brand) top spacing. androidpaddingtop
<dimen name="bubble_system_resolved_line_spacing">0dp Resolve message spacing from above. linespacing
<dimen name="bubble_system_resolved_padding">@dimen/margin_half (4dp) Resolve message spacing from below. systemresolved
<dimen name="bubble_system_resolved_text_size">@dimen/small_text_size (12sp) Resolve message text size. androidtextsize
<dimen name="chat_bubble_padding_bottom">8dp Conversation message (agent / consumer) bottom spacing. androidbubblepaddingbottom
<dimen name="chat_bubble_padding_left">8dp Conversation message (agent / consumer) left spacing. androidbubblepaddingleft
<dimen name="chat_bubble_padding_right">8dp Conversation message (agent / consumer) right spacing. androidbubblepaddingright
<dimen name="chat_bubble_padding_top">8dp Conversation message (agent / consumer) top padding androidbubblepaddingtop