Android Mobile App SDK v3.6.0 contains fixes for high priority bugs reported by customers.

Environment requirements

Android Mobile App SDK v3.6 requires the minimum Android API version 19 and targeted API is 27.


Bug fixes

  • Unauthenticated user failed to connect when passing campaign information.

  • Loading spinner is stuck even when conversation History is loaded.

  • Failed to establish conversation when airplane mode was enabled or disabled multiple times while network connection was poor.

  • TalkBack does not read agent name when a message was clicked.

  • Resumed conversation with unauthenticated user does not show campaign info on agent side when contextId is null.

  • "http://" was appended as prefix for customized links (Deep Links).

  • Wrong value for unread message count on scroll down indicator.

  • Entire structured content component receives focus when tapped.

  • Released SDK build displays debug, info and warning logs.

  • Links and text in agent message truncated on changing chat_bubble_padding to non-default values.