Environment requirements

Android Mobile App SDK v3.7.0 requires the minimum Android API version 19, SDK is compiled against API 26 and targeted API is 27.

Bug fixes

  • Android SDK crashed with ClassCastException.

  • Client Masking Ignored when Logged out from Authenticated conversation and Logged back in as UnAuthenticated user.

  • Conversation bubble is empty if the agent sends empty structured content.

  • TalkBack was reading hidden conversation content behind a Secure Form.

  • Secure Form was not announced to the consumer in TalkBack.

  • TalkBack did not announce out of view contents from Structured Content.

  • CSAT question sent via PCS was not visible in the Conversational Cloud UI conversation info widget.

  • Android SDK crashed with IllegalArgumentException.

  • Android SDK failed while trying to send an image via photo sharing.

  • Android KitKat did not support TLSv1.2.

  • TalkBack did not announce all elements in Secure Form upon arrival.