Release date: July 25, 2019


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.1.0 primarily provides enhancements to SDK stability and Accessibility tools (TalkBack).

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.1.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 19
  • Compile API version 28
  • Target API version 28
  • Maps SDK ""

New features

  • Added a callback parameter to the unregisterLPPusher API, similar to the one that exists for the registerLPPusher API.
  • A backwards-compatible copy of unregisterLPPusher without the callback has also been added, and marked Deprecated, as the version with a callback is the preferred one for all uses.

Bugs fixed

  • Hyperlink color property consumer_bubble_message_link_text_color is now properly applied to both preview-able and non-preview-able links.
  • Incoming messages are no longer marked as "read" when the user is looking at the History View instead of the active conversation.
  • CSAT survey screen no longer loses the Agent's information when an Agent closes and immediately re-opens a conversation.
  • Image resources lp_messaging_ui_ic_agent_avatar and lp_messaging_ui_brand_logo can now both be overridden with Vector Drawables in the drawable folder, where previously a workaround was required.
  • Corrected several instances of String resources not respecting the SDK language settings, instead picking up the device language.
  • Pressing the scroll-to-bottom button while in an Unauthenticated flow no longer occasionally crashes the SDK.
  • Automatic Messages now correctly adapt to the relevant language settings in circumstances that previously caused a mismatch.
  • Using the Control History API while in Fragment Mode will no longer show a blank screen instead of a "no conversations" message.
  • Using Quick Replies and Emojis no longer occasionally duplicates the unread message banner.
  • Fixed several issues related to what TalkBack reads to users.

Important notes for developers

  • Resource misspelled as snachbar_duration_for_accessibility has been renamed to snackbar_duration_for_accessibility; if you override this value, please update the override accordingly.
  • PushMessage method misspelled as getCurrentUnreadMessgesCounter() has been renamed to getCurrentUnreadMessagesCounter(); if you use this method, you will need to update it in your code.
  • Class MonitoringParams was moved from package com.liveperson.sdk to com.liveperson.monitoring.sdk to better reflect its class associations; updating your import statements may be necessary.
  • Interface EngagementCallbacks was moved from package com.liveperson.sdk.callbacks to com.liveperson.monitoring.sdk.callbacks to better reflect its class associations; updating your import statements may be necessary.