Release date: September 16, 2019


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.2.0 release focuses on fixing bugs and adding quality-of-life features.

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.2.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 19
  • Compile API version 28
  • Target API version 28
  • Maps SDK ""

(unchanged from version 4.1.0)

New features

  • Messages typed in the chat box are now saved when leaving and returning to the chat window
  • Audio messages can now be stopped and previewed before sending them
  • Added a new getUnreadMessageCount API to allow the user to get the count of unread messages without needing to be registered to receive Push Notifications
  • Added Metadata support to Welcome Message Quick Replies
  • Added a setting to hide the "clear history" context menu option: clear_history_menu_item_visible in branding.xml
  • Added a setting for the color of the "attach" paperclip icon and its associated "close" icon: lp_file_attach_icon_clip_color and lp_file_close_icon_clip_color in branding.xml
  • Added a setting to adjust the maximum number of text lines that can appear in a Structured Content's button elements: structured_content_button_no_text_lines in branding.xml
  • Added a parameter to the onCsatSubmitted callback containing the submitted survey's star rating
  • Added TLSv1.2 support to the image loading library

Bugs fixed

  • Reworked logic that caused bot avatars to not show up when fetching history; avatars should now load properly as expected
  • Solved an issue where the setting for the maximum historical conversations kept on-device was not being respected
  • Corrected a problem causing several environmental information fields (os version, device model, etc) to not be reported to Conversational Cloud
  • Fixed a bug causing Quick Reply buttons to not appear in certain circumstances
  • Moved several customizable attributes from incorrect locations to the branding.xml files
  • Resolved an issue causing certain Welcome Message Quick Reply items to not appear when using Unauthenticated / Signup flows
  • Squashed a bug that caused Welcome Messages to sometimes not appear when using the History Control APIs
  • Fixed an issue with customization attributes for Structured Content corner rounding and background colors
  • Solved a problem where customization attributes were not correctly changing certain message texts
  • Fixed a bug where agents couldn't tell if a user had read their messages if the conversation was closed