Release date: October 08, 2020


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.6.1 release includes the change of retry mechanism of authentication. SDK will notify host app immediately when failed to authenticate consumer instead of performing periodic retries.

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.6.1 uses:

  • Minimum API version 21
  • Compile API version 28
  • Target API version 28
  • Maps SDK ""

(unchanged from version 4.6.0)

New callback

Added following error events and error callback

Intent Action:


  • To get the type param from the Intent, use LivePersonIntents.getErrorType(intent).
  • To get the message param from the Intent, use LivePersonIntents.getOnErrorMessage(intent).


onError(LpError lpError, String message);

Parameter Type Description
lpError LpError (enum) The error.
message String A detailed message on the error.

More details can be found at LivePerson Callbacks

Added LpError enum

enum class LpError {
Type Description
IDP An error occurred during the authentication process, which is usually because of a wrong or expired authentication key.
CSDS Error while requesting domains.
INVALID_CERTIFICATE Error with a peer's certificate (server cert not valid, cert pinning mismatch, etc).
SOCKET Error opening a socket to the server or a request has timed out while trying to reach a server, and as a result we are closing our socket.
TIMEOUT A general timed out error.
INVALID_SDK_VERSION Your host app is using an old SDK version and cannot be initialized.
UNKNOWN General SDK error.


The old Error Events ILivePersonIntentAction.LP_ON_ERROR_INTENT_ACTION and Error Callback: void onError(TaskType type, String message); are deprecated.