Release date: July 12, 2021


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.9.0 release includes Date Picker support and enhancements.

Environmental Requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.9.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 21
  • Compile API version 28
  • Target API version 28
  • Maps SDK ""

(unchanged from version 4.8.1)

New Feature:

DatePicker allows brand agents to send the Structured Content to consumers to choose desired date or a date range using an inbuilt calendar. Here is the Date Picker Template.

Date Picker Single Selection Date Picker Range Selection

Bugs Fixed:


  • Support bold and italic in system messages.
  • Support five additional languages. (Malaysian, Arabic, French-Canadian, Indonesian, Latin American Spanish)
  • Optimized History Control APIs to allow brands to decide which historical or current conversations displays to the consumer when opening the conversation screen.