Release date: September 15, 2022


Android Messaging SDK version 5.12.0 release includes support for Android 13, provides improved accessibility support, bug fixes and enhancements.

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.12.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 21
  • Compile API version 33
  • Target API version 33
  • Maps SDK ""
  • Structured Content Library “”
  • Date Picker Library “”
  • Schedule Slot List Library "" (compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion bumped to 33 to support Android 13)

New features

SDK File Sharing Thumbnail Obfuscation

  • SDK now supports file sharing image thumbnail obfuscation to protect PII of a consumer.
  • Contact your Account Team to have the feature enabled on your account.

New Permissions

To support SDK Photo and File sharing feature on Android 13 and above, a new permission has been added:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_MEDIA_IMAGES" />

Accessibility enhancements

Improvements on the TalkBack accessible experience for vision-impaired users.

Bugs fixed

  • Phone number sent with other text in the message are not marked as link.
  • Failed to detect email address in a message.
  • SDK fails to display link preview for some of the valid links.