Release date: December 11, 2020


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.5.0 release focuses on improvements and bug fixes.

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.5.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 21
  • Compile API version 30
  • Target API version 30
  • Maps SDK ""

(compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion bump to 30)


logOut API

If the logout call on the SDK fails, the local files will not get removed by the SDK. In order to solve this problem, we added a new logOut API to allow brands to perform a forced logout, which will perform the logout without waiting for LP pusher to unregister. In this way, we will not allow a failed logout call and therefore local files will always be removed.

public static void logOut(Context context, String brandId, String appId, boolean forceLogOut, PushUnregisterType type, LogoutLivePersonCallback logoutCallback)
Parameter Description
context A context from the host app.
brandId An account ID.
appId The host app ID.
forceLogOut When true, SDK force a user logout no matter unregisterPusher succeed or failed. When false, SDK waits unregisterPusher succeed before logout.
type PushUnregisterType.ALL: User will be unregistered from pusher for both agent message and Proactive Messaging.
logoutCallback An LogoutLivePersonCallback implementation.

Attribute update


Added image support for Fragment mode. Limitation: there will be distortion of background image when keyboard appears.

Bugs fixed

  • Crash on conversation screen.
  • Data masking system message text does not pick up app language.
  • Camera not working the first time request camere permission.