This method is a destructive method that is typically used to clean a user’s data before a second user logs into the same device or just to log the current user out.

This method conducts the following:

  • Unregisters from the push notification service based on unregister Type provided.
  • Clears all SDK persistent data.
  • Cleans running operations (see destruct).
  • Note: This does not end the current messaging conversation.
func logout(unregisterType: LPPusherUnregisterType,
            completion: @escaping ()->(),
            failure: @escaping (_ error: Error)->())

Important: This method must not be called when the conversation screen is displayed.


  • All: unregister for all types of push notification messages

  • None: do not unregister from the pusher at all

  • Agent: Unregister only for agent push notification messages. Consumers can still receive outbound push notifications sent from the Proactive or Connect to Messaging (IVR) services.