This method was deprecated since SDK version 2.7.0. Use reconnect(_ conversationQuery: ConversationParamProtocol, authenticationParams: LPAuthenticationParams instead.

When using SSO in an authenticated connection, an auth-code is passed to the SDK (see showConversation API). The session in this case might have an expiration date (see LPMessagingSDKTokenExpired). To reconnect with a new token, use the following "reconnect" API and pass the new token.

func reconnect(_ conversationQuery: ConversationParamProtocol, authenticationCode: String)
Parameter Description Notes
conversationQuery Represents a "filter" for the conversation screen, determining which of the conversations will be displayed in the following screens. Default: sorts the conversations by account number. See helpers methods above for how to generate a conversation query.
authenticationCode The SDK can enable code-flow SSO. If your account uses SSO, pass the auth-code here. Otherwise, skip this parameter.