All incoming push messages are received by the host app. The host app can choose to fully handle any push message and display a notification message, or partially handle it and allow the SDK to display the notification.

Handling the push message allows the host app to do the following:

  • Receive non-messaging related push messages.
  • Handle custom in-app alerts upon an incoming message.

Note: Whether the host app fully handles any push messages or partially, any messaging push message should be sent to the SDK using the handlePushMessage method.

public static void handlePushMessage(Context context, Bundle data, String brandId, Boolean showNotification)

Parameter Description
context A context from the host app.
data A Bundle that contains the message. The bundle should hold a string with key named "message".
brandId The account ID.
showNotification Used to instruct the SDK to either show or not show a notification to the user. If you wish your app will handle the display of the notification you can set this as false.