Release date: December 16, 2019


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.3.0 release offers a few powerful features and improves on the TalkBack accessible experience for vision-impaired users.

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 4.3.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 19
  • Compile API version 28
  • Target API version 28
  • Maps SDK ""

(unchanged from version 4.2.1)

New features

  • Consumers can now send Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), and PDF (.pdf) documents to Agents.
  • Photo Upload Preview window is now a child fragment of the SDK, rather than a new Activity that must push and pop on the Activity Stack.
  • Scroll Behavior Configuration: Clients can now use flags in our branding.xml config file to set the messaging window scroll behavior in various cases.
    • lp_scroll_show_conversation sets the scrolling behavior for when the SDK window is shown via a call to showConversation or getConversationFragment.
    • lp_scroll_when_foreground sets the scrolling behavior for when the app and SDK are resumed from a background state.
    • lp_scroll_when_push_notification sets the scrolling behavior for when the SDK is launched from a tap on a push notification.
    • lp_scroll_when_scroll_down sets the scrolling behavior for when the "scroll to bottom" UI element is tapped within the SDK window.
    • Each of these can be set to "Bottom" (auto-scrolls all the way down) or "FirstUnreadMessage" (auto-scrolls down to show the oldest unseen message).
    • lp_scroll_show_conversation, lp_scroll_when_foreground, and lp_scroll_when_push_notification can also be set to "LastPosition" (does not auto-scroll at all).
    • For more detailed information, see the Scroll Behavior Configuration page.
  • Also added lp_scroll_to_bottom_after_resolve_conversation, a setting to allow enabling or disabling the auto-scroll-to-bottom when enable_conversation_resolved_message, enable_conversation_resolved_separator are disabled and a conversation is resolved.

Bugs fixed

  • Conversation Resolved message should now always contain the Agent's name, rather than simply 'resolved by agent'.
  • Bot agents that do not send a done-typing notice between messages will no longer cause unnecessary whitespace in message history.
  • Link previews should now appear even if the link does not contain a protocol prefix (http:// or https://).
  • Long-tapping a link for a context menu will no longer also attempt to open the link.
  • Fixed a pair of crashes related to loading messages.
  • Metadata attached to Structured Content actions is now included in the retry, if connection is lost during the first attempt.
  • Corrected a typo in our Portuguese translations.
Accessibility-specific bugs fixed
  • Links that generate Previews will now properly be described by TalkBack as links.
  • Structured Content Buttons that open hyperlinks will now be described as "links" instead of "buttons".
  • Links without protocol prefixes (http:// or https://) are now clickable using TalkBack.
  • Phone Number and Email Address "links" (tel: and mailto:) are now clickable using TalkBack.
  • Opening a photo attachment will no longer leave TalkBack focus on the screen behind it.
  • Removed an extra stop when using TalkBack swipe gestures to navigate between elements of a Structured Content Carousel.
  • Removed unnecessary TalkBack swipe gestures needed to navigate through Structured Content Map elements.
  • Structured Content now scales with system accessibility Text Size settings, preventing cramped content elements with scaled-up text.
  • Fullscreen photo view no longer erroneously suggests that the photo can be double-tapped, and will now only provide double-tap-and-hold instructions.


  • 'Signup' auth flow is officially deprecated by the LivePerson Mobile SDK, and will reach end-of-life on the 30th of June, 2020.
    • Please contact LivePerson through our client support channels to learn how to migrate your app to Authenticated or Unauthenticated auth flows (other contact options: chat with us on this page, or message Support).