Release date: Oct 31, 2019


Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.0.0 release provides Android Q support and bug fixes

Environment requirements

The Android Mobile Messaging SDK version 5.0.0 uses:

  • Minimum API version 19
  • Compile API version 29
  • Target API version 29
  • Maps SDK ""

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue where crash could occur while loading conversation.

New features

  • Dark Theme Support - The Android Mobile Messaging SDK Supports Dark Theme for Android 10. For More information see: Attributes Page

Known issues

  • Android 10, Structured Content and Quick reply messages: Currently, structured content message colors are sent from the Conversational Cloud Agent Workspace as hexadecimal colors and we cannot be certain of the appearance setting the consumer will have enabled as the structured content message arrives. Currently the Android Mobile Messaging SDK does not support converting these colors to an alternate appearance for Dark Theme. Therefore we ask our customers to ensure that colors selected for the structured content JSON are visually legible for both appearance modes for backgrounds and text within the Android Mobile Messaging SDK. As an alternative, from SDK 5.0.0 you can also set Dark Mode configuration darkMode_SC_QR_override_colors_from_LE in SDK not to override colors from LE and use Quick Replies, Structured Content color attributes in SDK.

  • Android 10 and Secure Form web view: We support Dark Theme for Secure Form by force enabling it with attribute darkMode_force_enable_for_webView(enabled by default).

LivePerson obsoleted functions

  • initialize(final Context context, final String brandId, final InitLivePersonCallBack initCallBack), use initialize(Context context, final InitLivePersonProperties initProperties) instead
  • showConversation(Activity activity) and showConversation(Activity activity, String authenticationKey) use showConversation(Activity activity, LPAuthenticationParams lpAuthenticationParams, ConversationViewParams params) instead
  • getConversationFragment(String authKey), use getConversationFragment(LPAuthenticationParams lpAuthenticationParams, ConversationViewParams params) instead
  • handlePush(Context context, Bundle data, String brandId, boolean showNotification), use handlePushMessage(Context context, Map<String, String> remoteMessage, String brandId, boolean showNotification) instead
  • shutDown(), use shutDown(final ShutDownLivePersonCallback shutdownCallback) instead
  • setUserProfile(String appId, String firstName, String lastName, String phone), use setUserProfile(ConsumerProfile profile) instead